Our Story

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In 2008 my husband Aren asked me to marry him by surprising me with a drive to our favorite spot, Buckingham Park.

Photographer Adamson Imagery

Photographer Adamson Imagery

We listened to Pink Floyd: The Wall as we drove up the mountain.

I was really nervous and unsure of what was about to come. We pulled into the parking lot and as we stopped I could tell he was nervous himself. But as I looked into his eyes I knew this was it, THE moment.

After the initial shock of being engaged passed I realized it was time to plan a wedding and most importantly find the DRESS.

I found my wedding dress at Boulder Bridal, Nadine was such an amazing help.  The first and only dress I tried on was the one! Designer was Demetrios.

Now that I had my wedding dress it was time for the wedding planning madness to begin.

There is a lot to consider when planning your wedding especially on a budget. I did not get discouraged by my budget, I got creative. Attending bridal shows and festivals, cake tastings and meeting with vendors it all was overwhelming.  I enjoyed every moment but time was not on my side, a year sounds like a long time to plan a wedding but it goes by fast.

Last minute adjustments (alterations by Malia)

September 8, 2009 

When the day finally came I found myself unable to rest because there was so much to be done! The first crew arrived and helped me take all the supplies for my entire wedding to the venue

Altona Grange (1891 historic landmark)


After the first phase of decorating and organizing was complete my first crew headed home to get themselves ready for the wedding.

I was hanging out with our best man, who at the time was our 4 month old son.   Alone but grateful for a moment of silence before the big moment, I had time to reflect.

After about an hour of embracing the moment my make up artist arrived (Danielle Hall) and again I was reminded that there was so much more work to be done before guests arrived.  However, at that point I had no choice but to sit still for a one hour make up session. But before my hair and make up was done I could already hear the guests arriving which meant I was unable to do a last run through of the venue.

I wished I had one person to stand in as me for the whole event from start to finish.  My close friends and family helped in so many ways, but when the wedding began everyone was enjoying themselves (which is how it is supposed to be) and the wedding was left to stay in tact on its own.

All in all the most important aspect of the wedding was US

I planned and put together my entire wedding, I cooked all the food and did everything the DIY way under a very small budget.

I enjoyed every moment of the whole wedding experience but wished I had a planner. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason and my wedding showed me that I want to be the “guardian angel” for brides.


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