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Colorado Weddings | David & Gina

Together for 10 years fellow wedding planner Gina, co-owner of Panacea Planners , and her fiancé David were at a great place in their life and ready to fully commit to one another and officially tie the knot!

Between grad school and adjusting to the real world,  the couple enjoyed their love and were in no rush to get married.

Until their 10 years anniversary was approaching making it a perfect time to extend their love and celebrate many more years as husband and wife!

 A rustic mountain chic theme colored with antique … Read More

Back to the basics | Why get married?

Back to the basics| Why get married?

What is all the fuss about getting married? I mean people have been getting married for centuries, isn’t chivalry dead? That’s what you hear from those that are anti-marriage and then there are those hopeless romantics. And the rest of us are in the middle, unsure of the who and the why. Lets stop right there and I say “You will know when the feeling is right” that moment when your stomach is doing back flips and your brain is all fuzzy with love bugs when you are around the true love of … Read More

4 Simple rules for a happy marriage

Every married couple lives their lives differently. There is no realistic how to guide for marriage, but there are a few basic rules to a happy marriage.



1st rule is communication!!!! I cannot express this enough BE HONEST. If you are not honest you are not communicating. When you are honest your opportunites are endless. Lies only cause more lies and stress, which we all know is the silent killer. So be honest to your partner.


2nd rule is LOVE YOURSELF, that doesn’t mean be selfish and ALWAYS put yourself … Read More