About Us

Our goal is for you to

be a guest at your wedding!

Colorado native Amelia Metzger is the lead wedding coordinator and owner of AlegreKreations. Inspired to be your local wedding planner back in 2009 when she planned and executed her own wedding wishing she had wedding planner to take the wedding day tasks and give the gift to enjoy each moment of her wedding day.

Brides imagine getting their make up and hair done while sipping champagne with their best friends and sisters.  Brides do not envision hauling decorations to the venues, running around like a mad women, aka bridezilla.  Sweating, starving and stressing are 3 things a bride should not be doing the day she says I DO!

You can count on Amelia to take care of all the details for your wedding day. Transforming all your wedding plans into a reality, just the way you always dreamed them to be.IMG_1018

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