Alegré Kreations Presents AK Bridal Showcase

As a bride 6 years ago I attended many bridal shows and I felt overwhelmed by the abundance of brides and vendors.   It felt like I was in a rat race trying to get the big prize in the end.   What is the purpose of a bridal show?  A place for brides and grooms to explore multiple wedding vendors at one time.  But how can you really explore them without having a true moment to connect. That is when I began planning the AK bridal show!

A New Style of Colorado Bridal Show


Our mission for AK bridal show is for brides and grooms to be our guest and experience first hand what Colorado wedding vendors have to offer their wedding.  At Alegré Kreations we expect each and every bride and groom to be a guest at their wedding and our AK bridal show gives them a taste of what that feels like.

Colorado Bridal Show

House of Joy

The show begins with elegant live music and brides and grooms are greeted and welcomed into a wedding reception design.  Each bride and groom has a seat at a table covered in beautiful linens and surrounded by stunning chair covers provided by Robin Event Rentals.  Each table is decorated with center pieces to inspire brides  for their wedding, designed by Alegré Kreations wedding planner Amelia Metzger.  Wedding vendors surround the outskirts of the venue, making brides and grooms the center of attention.

Colorado Bridal Show

After all of our brides and grooms arrive we begin the show!  Amelia, Colorado wedding planner, presents the 5 Senses to your wedding and why you should hire Alegré Kreations as your wedding planner.  Wedding planning essentials to ensure you and your guests are happy in all aspects of your wedding day.

Colorado Bridal Show

Next, Fusion Fitness treated our guests with the wedding trend flash mob!  Erika, owner of Fusion Fitness, will teach your bridal party a dance of your choice that you can share with your wedding guests at your reception.

Colorado Bridal ShowsFlash Mob

Colorado Bridal ShowWe called all our brides to the center of the dance floor for a special S.T.R.I.P. demo.  Alegré Kreations partners with Fusion Fitness for a bachelorette and ladies night S.T.R.I.P. party.  What does S.T.R.I.P. mean and what is it?  A burlesque class that stands for Sexy-Tantalizing-Rhythmic-Inner Beauty-Party.  Brides got to learn some sexy moves to take home for their wedding night!

After our brides had a chance to loosen up it was time to meet one on one with all our Colorado wedding vendors!

Colorado Bridal Show

Our 1st show was hosted at The 17th Avenue Event Center in Longmont, Colorado.  A great venue for weddings and events.  The dance floor is located in a central location, giving guest room to dance and move throughout the venue.



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